As an integrated security printing provider, we make sure that our final products delivered to our customer come with special features that would help to protect the product from counterfeiters. These special features are classified into two which are security features and integrated security system.

Security Features

Unique features that are integrated into our products using the latest technology to combat counterfeiters. Clients may choose between overt or covert security features or both of them together in a single product.

  • 1. Security Hologram
    2. Scratch Off Foil & Ink
    3. Security Ink – Gold Pigment
    4. Security Paper
    5. Optical Changeable Ink (OCI)
    6. Heat Sensitive Ink

  • 1. Invisible Ink
    2. Microseal
    3. Microtext
    4. Speaking Viewing Taggant Technology (SVTT)
Integrated Security System

Besides overt and covert security features, our company also offers a wide range of integrated security systems to choose from.

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