Integrated Security System

Loyalty Program

It’s a structured marketing effort that rewards, and therefore encourages, loyal buying behavior from customers. This program features are:

  • As the ‘key’ to access to rebates, privileges, and exclusivity
  • Dual rewards currency
  • Rewards redemption
  • Enjoy rewards with minimum spending
  • Bundled with value added services such as discount


Example on how Loyalty Program works

  • The program features two-in-one; consumers get to verify that TSP product is genuine and at the same time earn loyalty points.
  • Each TSP products will carry a scratch-off security label which will contain a random PIN number and will be used for registration and accumulation of points.
  • To earn loyalty points, consumers will have to scratch-off the foil to reveal a PIN Number and text “TSPPINICName”. Complete entry must be send to shared short code 33310.
  • This is a profit sharing basis set @ 0.30 cent per SMS.
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