Hidden solutions that are visible only when seen using special method or specific device. The specific device could either be the UV Light device, magnifier or SVTT device.

Examples of covert solutions can be found below:
1. Invisible Ink
2. Microseal
3. Microtext
4. Speaking Viewing Taggant Technology (SVTT)
Invisible Ink

The ink can become visible when viewed using a UV light device. This hidden image would enable the brand owners to identify the authenticity of their product.


3D Objects as small as 0.0045μm² (Laser etched) which technology is patented can be embedded with random arrangement onto labels, vouchers as well as certificate. It is very hard to copy or duplicate.



Words that looks like micro-borders at first glance but upon closer inspection with a magnifying glass, the borders are actually repeating text. Provides a nice anti-countering protection without additional cost to the product.

SVTT (Speaking Viewing Taggant Technology)

With the help of a special scanning tool, an audible sound could be heard which signs that the product or brand is original.

Version 1.0 comes with only one scan place (1 step) while Version 2.0 comes with double the amount of step from its predecessor.


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