Solutions that are open and observable to plain sight without any usage of special method or specific device.

Examples of overt solutions can be found below:
1. Security Hologram
2. Scratch Off Foil & Ink
3. Security Ink – Gold Pigment
4. Security Paper
5. Optical Changeable Ink (OCI)
6. Heat Sensitive Ink
Security Hologram

Security Holograms are suitable for industries that demand precise positioning and heavy hologram usage, which, to the large extend, resolves the negativity of hologram sticker.

There are two types of security hot stamping foil that we offer which are single image and continuous image with gold and silver colour.

Single Image Holograms


Continuous Image Holograms

Continuous Hologram


Scratch Off Foil & Ink

It contains surface coating and transparent layer. The surface coating can be easily scratched off by finger nail or a coin. Transparent layer is a thin protected film, which is used to prevent beneath information from fortuitously scratched.

We offer scratch off foil in secure gold and secure silver.


We also offer silver scratch off foil and scratch ink.


Security Ink – Gold Pigment

A visible security ink that is commonly used in bank note printing for easy identification.


Security Paper

To comply with the high security printing standard, we have a wide range of imported security type of papers to enhance the security features in your product. There are plenty of paper type to choose from which are

  • simili paper
  • colour coated paper
  • antigua paper
  • mirrorkote paper
  • filibank paper


Optical Changeable Ink (OCI)

Optical Changeable Ink is widely used in major bank notes, easy for identification by colour changing ink.

Heat Sensitive Ink

Temperature inks are activated at a certain temperature that is adjustable to the needs of customers. Heat-sensitive ink will enable images to appear or disappear as soon as the label or product has been applied to certain temperature.

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