Terms of Service & Company’s Policy

For security reason, our company always ensure professional ethic as below :

  • This offer is base on our security concept and obligation towards our customer, i.e. we are obligated to withdraw of the order if certain security criterion for example the mistakability of the OVD's involved compared with already existing OVD's cannot be provided.
  • In any case, the official authorization by the owner of copyrights for logos or a registered trademark is an unconditional requirement for the order and this document needs to be supplied before hand.

Legal Basic and Copyright Guidelines :

  • Techno Secure Print (TSP) Sdn Bhd does not reproduce or copy any existing holograms and respects existing copyrights and rights of usage.
  • Customer has the sole right to buy or order of the hologram. We shall undertake to make no copies without the express written agreement of the customer.
  • We always ensure that the product is produced and reproduced exclusively at the request of the owner of the copyright. TSP retains the right to produce and reproduce the product at the request of the product at the request of the owner of the customer.

Assurance from Techno Secure Print (TSP) Sdn Bhd :

  • Maintain tight security control on unused holographic material stock.
  • Print holographic labels under top confidentiality and ensure no pilferage.
  • Account for and dispose of wastage by complete destruction to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Report to customer if any third party requests TPS to print similar labels.