Security Car Sticker

Used for identification process, car stickers are placed on the vehicle screen for the purpose of validating parking entrance. The process of validation takes place when vehicle enters the compound of the restricted zones. Car stickers are used by office or residential managements and commercial buildings including shopping complexes, etc.

  • To identify and validate vehicles.
  • Applicable when vehicles travel in and out of restricted areas.
  • POPULAR with residential management, commercial complexes including shopping malls, office buildings, etc.
Security Car Sticker
number-1 Optical Changeable Ink (OCI)

Widely used in major bank notes for easy identification. The colour changing ink serves as a first line of defense. This kind of OCI will change colour from yellow to green and vice versa.

number-2 Invisible Ink

The ink is visible when viewed using a UV light device. The hidden images would enable the brand owners to identify the authenticity of their products.

number-3 Trust Seal Optical Variable Device (OVD) Continuous Image

Trust seal which is classified under OVD results in brilliant color effects. It can be seen under candlelight. Trust seal continuous image letter measured at 0.075mm can be viewed with a 50X magnifier glass.

number-4 Serial Number

Alpha numerical serial numbers printout image expanding from small to big.


Security Car Sticker Samples

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