Gift Voucher

These security gift vouchers come with underlying cash value. They may be used to replace cash for the purchase of goods and services from designated vendors. This product is popular with hypermarkets and corporate companies for use in their promotional campaigns, gifts exchange and event competitions.

  • Can replace CASH to PURCHASE goods and services from respective vendors.
  • Applicable during promotional campaigns, gifts exchange and event competitions, these vouchers are used by hypermarkets and corporates.
Gift voucher
number-1 Serial Number

Generated number that defines the number of product manufactured and could be used for product identification.

number-2 SVTT Ver 2.0

Product authentication could be done through Speaking Viewing Taggant Technology where special tools are required. Audible sound could be heard if the product is original.

number-3 Hologram

Foil that cannot be removed from its substrate which consists of stacked image. Each of the images are alternately visible based on different view angles.

number-4 Trust Seal Hologram

Single image hologram that is embedded on the voucher. The word Genuine and Copyright could be seen depending on angle of view.

number-5 Invisible Ink

The ink becomes visible when viewed using a UV light device. This hidden image enables the brand owners to identify the authenticity of their product.

number-6 OCI Black to Red

Ink that would change its color from black to red if viewed under UV light.

number-7 Microseal

Patented laser etched 3D object technology embedded label measured at 0.0045μm² printed on the voucher.

number-8 QR Code

2D code that enables users to directly access the product authentication website by scanning with a barcode scanning application on their device.

number-9 Pin Number

Numerical code that serves the exact same purpose as serial number.

number-10 Invisible Florescent Security Ink

Ink that is only visible under UV light.

number-11 OCI

Ink that will change colours when viewed from different angles.

number-12 Heat Sensitive Ink

Image that will fade if heated with temperature above 31° Celcius resume to its original appearance once the temperature returns to room’s temperature.

number-13 Gold Pigmented Ink

Visible Security Ink that is commonly used in bank note printing for easy identification.


Gift Voucher Samples

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