Security Certificate

A type of security document with overt and covert security capabilities to protect against forgery. They are used by government agencies, hospitals, universities, including training centers and those industries that require some form of tracing mechanism in their business operation.

  • A security document.
  • To SAFEGUARD against counterfeit; protects the authenticity of the certificates.
  • Used by government offices, hospitals, colleges, and industries that stress on having some tracking system in place as part of their operations.
 Security Certificate
number-1 QR Code

2D code that enables users to directly access product authentication website by scanning with a barcode scanning application on their device.

number-2 Serial Number

Alpha numerical numbers that are printed on the label which could be in a standard form or a form that expands from small to big.

number-3 Pin Number

Randomly generated numbers that are used for product authentication.

number-4 Microseal

Patented laser etched 3D object technology embedded label measured at 0.0045μm² printed on certificates. Very hard to duplicate.

number-5 Trust Seal Optical Variable Device (OVD)

Brilliant colour effects Trustseal Image which can be seen under the candlelight. The continuous trustseal letter measured at 0.075mm can be seen through a 50X magnifier glass.

number-6 Invisible Ink

The ink is visible when viewed using a UV light device. This hidden image would enable the brand owners to identify the authenticity of their product.

number-4 Microtext

Micro-borders appear to be solid border at first glance but upon closer inspection with magnifying glass, the borders are actually repeating text. Micro text offers good anti-counterfeiting protection without adding significant cost to certificates.


Security Certificate Samples

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