Security Scratch & Win

This product is being used to certify the legitimacy of winners in competitions. It can be utilized for the purpose of data mining by vendors as a result of the products verification process by the end users. It is common among all companies in the industries for promotional campaigns of their existing and new products.

  • Assures the RIGHTFULNESS of winners in competitions.
  • DATA MINING by vendors which takes place after end users verify the originality of products.
  • Used by those involved in the food business, electrical appliance, healthcare, agriculture, etc.
scratch & win
number-1 Security Hologram

Foil that consists of images stacked in such a way that each is alternately visible depending upon the angle of perspective of the viewer and virtually impossible to remove from its substrate.

number-2 Scratch Off Foil

Silver foil that could be scratched off to reveal QR Code, serial number or pin number underneath.

number-3 Serial Number

Special numbers that are used for product authentication.

number-4 Pin Number

Randomly generated numbers that are also used for product authentication.


Security Scratch & Win Samples

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