Security Ticket

Tickets with security solutions are incorporated with overt and covert security capabilities to ensure their validity and authenticity. This technology is commonly used in theme parks, cinemas and events.

  • To PROTECT the validity and authenticity of tickets.
  • Used by event organizers for soccer games, F1 racing, operators of theme parks, cinema, etc.
Security Ticket 2
number-1 SVTT Version 2.0

Stands for Speaking Viewing Taggant Technology where an audible sound message can be heard of scanned with special tools to confirm the originality of the product. Version 1.0 comes with one scan place and the improved version, Version 2.0 comes with two scan places.

number-2 Microseal

Technology that involves embedding a very small, 0.0045μm² arrangement is random and can be embedded onto labels, vouchers or even certificates. Very hard to duplicate.

number-3 QR Code

2D code that enables users to directly access product authentication website by scanning with a barcode scanning application on their device.

number-4 Hologram

Foil that consists of images stacked in such a way that each is alternately visible depending upon the angle of perspective of the viewer and virtually impossible to remove from its substrate.

number-5 Scratch-off Foil

Foil that could be scratched off to reveal the hidden pin number, serial number or QR code underneath. Could be scracthed by own fingers or coins.

number-6 Pin Number

Numerical code that is commonly used in electronic transactions.

number-7 Serial Number

Special number that is generated to identify the product. The numbers’ size is from small to big.

number-8 Gold Pigment

Visible security ink that is commonly used in bank note printing for easy identification.

number-9 Invisible Florescent Black to Red

Ink that will change color from black to red when placed under UV light.

number-10 Merk Green to Red OCI

Stands for Optical Changeable Ink where the colour of ink changes when viewed from a specific angle. Commonly used in bank notes around the world.

number-11 OCI Yellow to Red

Colour changeable ink that will change colour from yellow to red based on view angle.

Security Ticket Samples

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