Security Wristband

Security Wristbands are generally coupled with tickets and used to assure the authenticity of the ticket holders whilst preventing reuse of multiple entries. The usage of Security Wristbands are the same as Security Tickets due to its similarity in function i.e. ensuring the validity of the admission passes to respective visitors.

  • PREVENT from being reused for multiple admissions.
  • Usage is similar to that of Security Tickets.
Security Wristband
number-1 Security Cut

Since wristbands are made from durable and waterproof anti-tampering materials, security cut patterns prevent customer from reusing as it will easily peel off once being tampered.

number-2 Serial Number

Visible sequenced or random running serial numbers in the form of small to big fonts.

number-3 Trust Seal Optical Variable Device (OVD)

OVD results in a brilliant colour effect where its 0.075mm trust seal letters can be seen with 50X magnifier.

number-4 Microseal

Patented laser etched 3D object technology embedded label measured at 0.0045μm² printed on wristbands.


Security Wristband Samples

  • wristbands-1-1
  • wristbands-2-1
  • Security Wristband Samples
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